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What the f*ck is No Name Saint?


Honestly, we're still figuring it out.

At the core of NNS is a desire to create wearable pieces we think say something and allow you to walk into a room, turn a few heads and guarantee you're not wearing the same thing as somebody else. We f*cking hate that. We tend to touch on topical issues, dip a baby toe into politics, poke some fun at the f*cked up culture of streetwear and high fashion, but most of all we try to burn our own insecurities, struggle and heartbreak onto pieces that hopefully make other people say 'I feel that too'. 

Our process is as hands on as it gets. We burn each piece one at a time. 

Nothing wrong with silkscreening but that's what every other brand does and we're not every other brand. Our prints are painted and burned on in our shop, our t-shirts, leather and denim are all destroyed in house, by hand. 

Because we're not tied to traditional production methods we're able to create small batches and one off pieces whenever we feel like it. If we feel like making a one off t-shirt based on how we're feeling on any given day, we're gonna do that, then we're gonna throw it up on IG and see if anybody else feels like we do. We post new work for sale regularly on our Instagram feed and offer up collections in our online shop where you have options to choose colour, cut and distress levels.

We also make music, and videos, and random pieces of art. All of which finds it's way onto our site and Instagram feed as well as in our workshop and showroom located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Our work has been featured by Vogue, Elle Canada, Toronto Star, Lou Lou, eTalk and more. 

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