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Size Guide

Size Guide

Since we deal in vintage and one of kind goods, plus put our stuff through a serious beating, there are often no tags left to mark the original size.  We do our best to give you an eyeball measurement that we call ‘fits like'.  When you see ‘Fits Like - Women’s M’ we're letting you know that in our eyes it's roughly a women’s medium.  For the most accurate sizing possible use the measurements below each piece and compare them to something similar that you already own (e.g. compare your jacket to our jacket, your t shirt to our t shirt).  We take time and care to make sure our measurements are as accurate as possible so that you can feel confident when comparing them to something you own. 

If you’ve used our size guide in the past please note we’ve recently made a couple of changes to make the instructions a bit easier to follow, so it’s worth taking another look.


All measurements are taken with the piece laying flat, face down on a flat surface.  Our 'lay flat' measurements are determined as follows:

Bust: Measured from armpit to armpit.

Waist: Smallest point across the bodice.


    *T-Shirts: Measured down the middle of the piece from the top of the collar to the bottom of the piece.  

    Jackets, Coats, Tops: Measured down the middle of the piece from the bottom stitch of the collar to the bottom of the piece.

Shoulder: From one shoulder seam across to the other shoulder seam.

Sleeve: Shoulder seam to the bottom edge of the sleeve.

* Just a heads up that the ’shoulder’ measurements for tank tops might seem a bit confusing at first.  Obviously, the distance between the straps on a tank would be shorter than the distance between the shoulder seams on a t shirt of the same size.  We measure the distance between the straps, we don’t speculate what the size of the shoulder might be if it weren’t a tank top.  Same goes with altered sleeveless tees.  So why not just leave these measurements out?  Well, we like to give you as much info as we can so you can get an idea of how the piece will look on you before you purchase it.  Luckily pieces without sleeves end up being a bit more versatile in their fit, if the other measurements match up to your size the shoulder will almost certainly fit too.


Our boots stand up to our distressing processes well so we’re comfortable providing ‘fits like’ sizes without additional measurements.  When we find size tags or markers in our boots we trust them, and when we don’t find them we compare them to the size of our models so that they’re as consistent and as accurate as possible.

Again, you can be confident our measurements are accurate.  In the end we want you to love your purchase, if something ends up not fitting you right we offer a no hassle return policy.

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