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Size Guide

Size Guide

When it comes to our one-offs there are often no tags left to mark the original size.  Sometimes we give our stuff quite a beating.  We do our best to give you an eyeball measurement that we call ‘fits like'.  When you see ‘Fits Like - Women’s M’ we're letting you know that in our eyes it's roughly a women’s medium.  We pay close attention when sizing our products because we want you to feel as assured as possible that you're getting the right size for you.  Feel free to touch base if you'd like more detailed sizing info, measurements, etc.

When it comes to our house prints we're able to offer a bit more flexibility in terms of size, colour, style + the kind of damage we do.  Check out our 'House Prints' page for more details.

Also feel free to get in touch if you want something custom ordered to fit.  

Everything is one of a kind and everything is first hand damaged.