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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between what you do and what traditional vintage stores offer? 

We have a long history with vintage . We ran a traditional vintage shop for 5 years and think vintage pieces are what can take your wardrobe to another level . We like to think of it as the difference between buying fashion and creating a personal sense of style . Vintage pieces tend to call your name in a way that off the rack stuff never could . At No Name Saint we shop all over North America to find the very best vintage pieces and then we transform them into one-of-a-kind works of wearable art . Each piece is different and we like to think that our one-of-a-kind approach makes us different.


What Inspires your work ?

Our work is inspired by our record collection , our love of vintage and our belief that well chosen pieces like denim , leather and a perfectly worn in t-shirt will never go out of style . Plus , we are pretty passionate about not looking like everybody else so we're inspired to make pieces that stand out as one-of-a-kind .


Is this clothing or is this art ?

It's both . We like to think our pieces look as good on your wall as they do on your body . We love to see our work on people in everyday life but it's also pretty cool to see our work framed and hanging on a wall . We take an artistic approach to everything we do so the lines are always a bit blurry for us . We'll let you decide .

What does 'hand damaged' mean ?

It means that Ryan Kennedy's hands touch every piece . Ryan is the creative director and the only hands on artist at No Name Saint . If you're looking at one of our pieces , you're looking at Ryan's work . He paints , burns , bleaches , sands and quite literally beats stuff up . Our hashtag #firsthanddamage is meant as a reminder that none of our damage is assembly line , commercially done wear and tear . You know those 'distressed jeans' you see with the holes in the same spots in every single pair . That's done by a machine and that is not what we do . We approach every piece as its own work of art and do our best to give it the attention to detail it deserves . 


Is it all vintage ?

Vintage is a relative term to most people . It's hard to accept that the 90's and early 00's are now vintage but to many people they are . Vintage will keep changing with time and we'll keep changing with it . All of our pieces are second hand finds that range in age . We source from shops all over North America and without even thinking about it our purchases help to support hospitals , animal shelters , public libraries , social programs and more , simply by shopping second hand . That means your purchases help with that too so thanks . Plus , there are major recycling benefits to buying and wearing second hand / vintage goods . We kind of feel like it's a win all round . Look good , feel good , do good .

Why don't you have a ' Men's ' section or a ' Women's ' section on your site ?

We believe you wear what you wanna wear . It's as simple as that . Whatever makes you feel good . We think many of the same pieces look just as good worn in different ways on different people . We're just leaving it open to your imagination .


Do you do custom work ?

The short answer is yes we do , but it's on a case by case basis . If you're looking for a certain band t-shirt or want a certain style of leather or denim let us know and we'll do our best to get you what you're looking for . If you already own a piece that you would like to have us customize get in touch and we'll see if it's an option . We're always open to ideas and suggestions . Email with your ideas at .


Where do you ship to ?

We will ship anywhere . We make every effort to find the most cost effective shipping options internationally . If you have specific questions just let us know .

What's your return policy ?

We want you to love your No Name Saint purchase . We are happy to offer a full refund ( minus shipping ) within 5 days of receiving your piece . The return shipping cost is on you but we'll refund the full purchase price .


How does your sizing work ?

Since our pieces are all one of a kind and for the most part are quite old , there are often no tags left to mark the original size . We do our best to give you an eyeball measurement that we call ' fits like ' . When you see ' fits like - medium ' we're letting you know that in our eyes it's roughly a medium . For the most accurate sizing possible use the measurements below each piece and compare them to a piece you already own .

Our measurements are taken with the item laid flat on the floor and doubled when necessary.
Please measure yourself with a measuring tape and compare to our description.
Clothing size is determined as follows:

Bust: Measured from armpit to armpit seam, then doubled.
Waist: Smallest point of the bodice and then doubled.
Hip: Is the widest point below the waist then doubled.
Length: Top of the shoulder seam to the bottom edge of hem.
Shoulder: From one shoulder seam across to the other shoulder seam.
Sleeve: Shoulder seam to the bottom edge of the sleeve.